About the Book

Girth Matters was born thanks to the need of information about penile enhancement, as the demand of this kind of procedures has increased over the past decade; with a higher demand, many clinics and doctors found a place in the market for phalloplasty. Unfortunately, in this non-utopian world an individual can find information in the wrong places at the wrong hands.

As we believe that there are excellent and very skilled physicians willing to help men achieve their goal in the quest for a bigger penis, there are also “business man” that the only thing they’re seeking is the money of the desperate and uninformed.

Dr. Casavantes accomplished the imprint of his knowledge in a 10 chapter book, in which He seeks to educate every man, patient or physician that is looking for information based on facts and evidence collected through the experience of many years working with the genitalia of thousands of happy patients.

The pioneer and leader of permanent penis enhancement is bringing a step by step guide about phalloplasty. You can take a look into Dr. Casavantes point of view about fillers, techniques and procedures.

Dr. Luis Casavantes: Girth Matters Author

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Dr. Luis C. Casavantes graduated from Medical School in Chihuahua (Mexico), and Mexico’s iconic Dermatology and Leprosy Institute “Ladislao Pascua.”

He established his private practice in Tijuana (Mexico) in 1988, and it was one of the first Dermatology practices to adopt the concept of “Cosmetic Dermatology.” Dr. Casavantes’s experience with soft tissue fillers started in the early nineties with the use of injectable collagen.

He has been an enthusiastic and well-known participant in the treatment of HIV-related facial lipodystrophy, working intensively in facial reconstruction with PMMA since 2002 applying his knowledge and skills in more than 5,000 facial reconstruction procedures in patients from all around the globe.

Dr. C is the pioneer in nonsurgical phalloplasty with soft tissue fillers; His first PMMA patient was treated back in 2007; being the physician with the most significant amount of phalloplasty procedures with PMMA worldwide.

Girth Matters isn’t the first publication made by Dr. Luis C. Casavantes. He has published an article about the safety of PMMA for phalloplasty alongside with his practice partner Dr. Morales and his mentor Dr. Lemperle: (Casavantes L, Morales P, Lemperle G: Penile Girth Enhancement with Polymethylmethacrylate-based soft tissue fillers. J Sex Med. 2016;13(9):1414-1422.)

Dr. Casavantes’s practice offers the four most effective soft tissue fillers for phalloplasty available at the moment: Linnea Safe (PMMA), Juvederm Voluma (HA), Ellansé (PCL), and Radiesse (CaHA).

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