Girth Matters - The Book

This book describes for the first time the currently safest technique of nonsurgical penis enlargement.

Based on his years of experience with thousands of patients, Dr. Casavantes has succeeded in creating an entertaining, sometimes humorous, and, above all, never boring work.

All chapters are illustrated with comprehensible pictures, which facilitate reading and understanding.

Girth Matters is available in paperback and electronic versions.

About the book

Girth Matters guides the reader on a journey through the tumultuous waters of penile size enhancement, exploring its history, various methodologies, and biting analysis of the risks vs. the rewards. Nearly half of all men report dissatisfaction with the size of their penis, and a billion-dollar per year industry of opportunists peddling creams, pills, devices, and even surgery has popped up to cash in on this insecurity. Most of these methods don’t work, and many are harmful. Girth Matters separates the wheat from the chaff, showing the reader what is effective, isn’t, and is too dangerous even to consider.

Dr. Luis Casavantes is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of non-surgical penile girth enhancement using injectable fillers, having been on the front lines of phalloplasty for over a decade and successfully performing the procedure on more than 4,000 patients.

In Girth Matters, he shares what he has learned along the way, providing the reader with practical information on how to safely and effectively obtain a thicker penis. The book covers everything from selecting a practitioner to an in-depth, illustrated look at the procedures themselves to figuring out whether girth enhancement is even suitable for you. 

If you are among the men unsatisfied with what they have downstairs and want to do something about it, then this book will arm you with the knowledge you need to obtain optimal results.

Would you like to understand Penile Girth Enhancement?

Learn from the chief pioneer for the advancement of modern penile girth enhancement procedures. 

About the author - Dr. Luis C. Casavantes

Dr. Luis C. Casavantes graduated from Medical School in Chihuahua (Mexico), and Mexico’s iconic Dermatology and Leprosy Institute “Ladislao Pascua.”

He established his private practice in Tijuana (Mexico) in 1988 as one of the first Dermatology practices to adopt the concept of “Cosmetic Dermatology.”

Dr. Casavantes’s experience with soft tissue fillers started in the early nineties using injectable collagen, the first non-native soft tissue filler ever authorized for clinical use.

He was an enthusiastic and well-known participant in treating HIV-related facial lipodystrophy, working intensively in facial reconstruction with soft tissue fillers since 2002, applying his knowledge and skills in more than 5,000 procedures in patients from all around the globe.

As the need for facial reconstruction procedures decreased with the arrival of safer anti-retroviral drugs, DrC applied his skills to other body areas and indications. In 2007, he performed his first nonsurgical penile girth enhancement procedure with so much success that it quickly became the most prevalent procedure in his practice.

Girth Matters isn’t the first publication made by Dr. Luis C. Casavantes. He has published articles about the safety of PMMA for phalloplasty alongside his practice partner Dr. Morales and his mentor Dr. Lemperle in the Journal of Sexual Medicine and the book Intimchirurgie.

Dr. Casavantes has retired but continues to be a consultant for Avanti Derma™ and a participant in forums and other educational instruments.


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Why Girth Matters?

Girth Matters, the book, is a tool that contains all the information necessary to educate prospective patients seeking to undergo a penis enlargement medical procedure.

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